Today, before I started to write this article, I found a super nice guy (I did not mean the guy is a man)  who read 39 articles in an hour!


Hello. This is Nahatsuki.


Half of the clinical classes have done! Half a year later, I will wear a white lobe and patients will call me as a doctor, but still I don’t understand such a future will come to me. My English study is only watching bbc,  weekly Match of the day or Britons Youtubers’ clips so it’s not going well.


Maybe someone felt I don’t write this blog frequently as much as I did when I was in the UK, (not wrong, yeah), but I always check the log. I know around 6 or 7 people read this blog,  and somehow the number of access from North America or Europe have been including. These are pleasant news for me.


Today, I am going to write about the travel to Tokyo in the last March. I travel there every years.

I booked the first flight from Okayama to Tokyo Haneda. It was the first time for me to board Boeing 787 though the model started its commercial flight 5 years ago.DSL-0213

実は岡山空港を使ってどこかへ行くのは初めてだったりします。朝と夜にはいろんなところへ行く便、戻ってくる便がいます。(言うて千歳、那覇、上海、ソウルぐらい)  でもANAラウンジは新しくてとてもきれいでした。

Also, it was the first time for me to use Okayama Airport to go somewhere though I have lived there for several years. In the morning and night, there are many flights to somewhere. (Just only Sapporo, Naha, Shanghai, Seoul due to the small regional city) But the lounge for Star Alliance was really beautiful with tasty beer or free drink.

隣にはAIR DOのB737が止まっていました。ANA経由で予約すると地味に高いんですよね。値段が。

On the left side, there was a B737 AIR DO. This flight costs me a lot when I try to book via ANA’s system.



B787 does not have any sunshade but buttons to switch the shading. What a high technology!



20 minutes after taking off, flying over Kansai region. The picture below is the one over Kyoto, and we can easily figure out the project of this ancient capital city built more than 1000 years ago. All the streets are running North-South or East-West.



The windows of B787 are much bigger than that of B777, B767 or B737 which are I always use. And the wings are bending a lot, so the composition was also different, that made taking picts difficult and interesting.



When flying over Hamamatsu, Mt. Fuji went in sight at last. I felt I was flying southern than the route of flights from Osaka Itami.



Then Jumbo aircrafts which seemed to go to the US flew over me.



After entering into Chubu region, the sky below me was almost always cloudy. The air stream was not bad, but maybe due to clear-air turbulence, there was a big left rolling for a moment. I really surprised.



The flight route looked like going via south of Chiba.




Mt. Fuji looks hazy. This insists spring will come soon! (In fact, that day’s temp was around 20)



The aircraft started reducing speed over Boso-peninsula. Soon we would make landing.



The purpose to came to Tokyo was to see the people who took care me in London and play football with them, but I had several hours till the appointment, so I walk around Tokyo.

関東の駅のポスター。関東の飲み会もなかなか荒れるようですなぁ… ビールかけで暴行になるんだったら優勝のビールかけとかシャンパンファイトってどうなるんでしょうか…(;^ω^)

I found this poster at a station. We, students in Okayama, drink a lot, but we don’t do such a violence, don’t we? xD But if sprinkling beer is an assault, what if champagne fight or beer fight when players win the league?

109の向かいのビルのカフェで、スクランブル交差点を観察(笑) うまく人々がかぶらずに歩いててなかなかすごい。実際歩くとめちゃくちゃ人にぶつかるのに。

I took a rest at the cafe at the corner of scramble cross road in Shibuya. The people walk well because they don’t bump into anyone but I do a lot!

イギリスに行ったことのある人ならおなじみ。Kings Cross & St. PancrasのTubeの駅にもちっちゃいのありますよね。おいしいかどうかは知りません。まあどうせイギリスのことだから砂糖たっぷりなんでしょう。

If you have been in London, you might know this cake shop. Tube station of Kings cross and St. Pancras has one.  I don’t know whether it is tasty or not, but it seems to be supremely sweet because it is British.


Then I came to Omote-sando through Harajuku. Shibuya is the area for youth, but this area looks the one for adults. (Actually it is like Regent street in London)


I found a British pub! I’ve seen Aussie, Irish and German but any British in Japan! I really desired to try that, but I did not for football match.



I had Udon for lunch and went to Musashi Highschool for the football competition. There was no interval to play football, but all of members were veteran so that I wasn’t in their level physically and skillfully. It is really relieving moment for me to convert the penalty.

Then we held a reunion party.  I had a great moment. I booked a capsule hotel for the first time. I predicted there should be a drinking party, so I booked one in Kanda, where has a lot of Ramen restaurants, but all of them were closed. Then I bought a cup noodle, but the hotel did not have any kettle…


I went to station and took the first direct train to Haneda-airport.


I thought the cup noodle would be banned to hand into the aircraft at security check, so I got hot water at the convenience store in the airport. Then I found I don’t have any place to waste the soup, so I used a rice ball to make a porridge and then finished. At last, I had a healthy tea ( which makes fat difficult to absorb), so my breakfast turned into so healthy.xD


Then I turned on my phone, then ANA sent me an E-mail.

東京/羽田発 – 岡山着は視界不良のため、運航に影響がないか天候状況の確認を行います。』

“March 7th ANA 651 Tokyo/Haneda-Okayama has a risk for travelling due to low visibility, so we will see the weather for safety flight”


Ah oh, isn’t that meaning there is a big risk of cancellation?


I had a class from 1st, but that means I cannot attend it, doesn’t it?














で、50分後。 50 mins later.


ちゃんと飛んでくれました。めっちゃ雨降ってたけど。 It took off on time. lol There was really heavy rain though.


姫路まで出てくるとほらこの通り。 When I flew over Himeji, the sky was like this.


なんやねん晴れてるやん。 Maybe you didn’t have to check the weather because it’s soooo clear.


着陸前にはAIR DOの新千歳行きとすれ違いました。 Before the landing, I saw a AIR DO flight to Sapporo/Shin-Chitose.



This day, they made a big turn at Soja for landing route.


After landing, I rushed to my uni, and I managed myself to get in time.


Well well, I have to study…




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